About us

PhD Studies in Physics at the Faculty of Physics & Astronomy of the Wrocław University is a four-year course preparing its graduates to:

  • carry out the scientific research or reseach & development activities in physics or related fields of science, independently or in research groups;
  • write and defend the PhD thesis and obtaining the PhD in physics;
  • work as a high-school teacher.

From the very beginning the PhD students are part of their supervisor’s research team and are involved in all its activities. The research is carried out either in the Institute of Experimental Physics or the Institute of Theoretical Physics.

The topics of research at the Institute of Experimental Physics include:

The research at the Institute of Theoretical Physics includes:


University of Wrocław,
Faculty of Physics & Astronomy
pl.Maksa Borna 9
50-204 Wrocław
tel.: 71 375 93 57, fax: 71 321 76 82

The Head of the studies: Marek Mozrzymas,
tel. (+48) 71 375 94 91, room 431

mgr inż. Danuta Czekaj
tel. 71 375 92 53

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