Detailed rules of enrollment for the doctoral program in physics (EU citizens)

Eligibility and admission

In order to be considered eligible to apply for the program, the applicant must fulfill all of the following criteria:

  • completed second cycle qualifications (master of arts, master of science degree or equivalent) or be a beneficiary of the “Diamond Grant” program,
  • obtained a written permission from a senior academic staff member (dr hab. or professor) to supervise the candidate during his doctoral studies,
  • passed the doctoral studies admission interview,
  • submitted all required documents.

Admission is based on a ranking list. Each candidate’s score is calculated as follows:

\( \displaystyle R = 60 \frac{S-m}{M-m} + K \)


  • R – total score, rounded up to two decimal places,
  • S – grade point average (GPA) from uniform master’s studies or arithmetic average of GPA’s from the first and second cycle studies, excluding the final exam grade,
  • m – minimal (worst) pass grade given at the candidate’s school,
  • M – maximum (best) grade given at the candidate’s school,
  • K – number of points obtained during the interview, 0 ≤ K ≤ 40.

The interview

The interview is divided into two parts. Each part is evaluated separately on a scale of 0 to 20 points. The K parameter is defined as the sum of these points. The first part will focus on the candidate’s master thesis and other scientific achievements. In the second part the candidate will be asked about his research plan. The minimum value of the R parameter required for enrollment is 33,33.

Based on the obtained score, the final recruitment grade is given as follows:

  • 33,33 ≤ R ≤ 50: sufficient (3,0) grade,
  • 50,01 ≤ R ≤ 66,66: good (4,0) grade,
  • 66,67 ≤ R: excellent (5,0) grade.

The final decision to admit candidates from Poland or those eligible for recruitment on the same basis as polish citizens is made by the Department’s Recruitment Comittee. In case of non-eligible foreigners the decision is made by the Rector.

Warning: A scientific supervisor position can be held by any senior academic staff member from the Institute of Experimental Physics, or the Institute of Theoretical Physics with the consent of the Council of the Department of Physics and Astronomy, or by a person not employed by the Department if that person holds the title of professor or the degree of habilitated doctor along with academic achievements published within the last five years.

Required documents (foreign candidates):

  • Resume (curriculum vitae).
  • Printed and signed online form, downloaded from IRKA.
  • One passport quality photo (35 mm x 45 mm).
  • One University authenticated photocopy of the passport page with the holder’s photo, along with the original to confirm validity.
  • A diploma confirming the completion of second cycle qualifications or uniform master’s studies obtained in Poland or an authenticated or apostille bearing foreign diploma or other document confirming the completion of studies in another country (original along with a polish translation done by a certified translator) acceptable as equivalent to a polish diploma of second cycle qualifications or uniform master’s studies in accordance with the regulations for foreign higher education diploma authentication, unless the applicant is exempt based on these regulations, or the document is accepted as equivalent to the appropriate polish diploma of second cycle qualifications or uniform master’s studies or otherwise entitling the bearer to study on a doctoral programe in the Republic of Poland based on an international agreement.
  • A written opinion on the candidate’s usefulness for scientific research along with the future supervisor’s consent to supervise the candidate.
  • A document certifying the candidate’s english language proficiency.
  • A copy of the candidate’s master thesis for review by the recruitment committee during the interview.
  • A copy of the candidate’s visa, resident card or other document entitling the candidate to reside in the Republic of Poland.
  • A medical certificate issued in polish or in a foreign language along with a polish translation, stating that there are no contraindications to study in the chosen field.
  • Insurance policy in case of illness or accidents for the duration of studies in Poland or an European Health Insurance Card or a written commitment to enroll to the National Health Fund (NFZ) health insurance immediately after commencing education.

Additionally, the candidate needs to provide one of the following:

  • a certificate confirming the completion of a one year long polish language preparatory course (a list of designated units is contained within separate regulations),
  • a certificate of polish language proficiency issued by the State Commission for Authenticating Polish Language Proficiency as a Foreign Language,
  • an individual doctoral studies plan anticipating english only courses and a year long polish language course on the first year.