PhD defence of Tomasz Golan

mgr Tomasz Golan
Modeling nuclear effects in NuWro Monte Carlo neutrino event generator
7 Nov.2014, 12:15, room 422
supervisor: prof. Jan Sobczyk

The main goal of the PhD thesis is the investigation of nuclear effects and the implementation of them into a neutrino Monte Carlo event generator NuWro. A description of physical models used in the generator is presented. Model of final state interactions is described in a more detailed way, as it was an essential part of the PhD thesis. Many quantum effects related to a propagation of particles through a nucleus, like Fermi motion, Pauli blocking, or formation zone, are taken into account. NuWro predictions are compared to experimental data and other generators results. Finally, a full analysis of the data for neutral current elastic neutrino scattering off $CH_2$ measured by the MiniBooNE experiment made using NuWro generator is presented. An influence of two-body current contribution on the results is investigated.

Referee report by prof. W. Kamiński
Referee report by prof. M. Zrałek